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Previous Projects

Four Winds Campground Drinking Water System Rehabilitation, Caroline County, VA:
Completed Spring 2022

The Four Winds Campground is a privately owned RV and camping resort. The site's drinking water system had been classified as a transient non-community water system; however, an increase in permanent residents prompted the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to tighten its restrictions on the system. VHD proposed reclassifying the site as a community system and provided funding for engineering services to prepare a preliminary engineering report and construct the recommended improvements. EWB-NOVA partnered with HER2O, a Women-Lead WASH focused non-profit, to initiate the design process, collect necessary data and site information, conduct an asset inventory of the water system, and research regulatory requirements from VHD, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and Caroline County. The collaborative team delivered an alternatives analysis and recommendations to help management on their way to a new and improved system!

Hollin Meadows Elementary School Garden & Farm Design, Alexandria VA:
Completed Fall 2021

Hollin Meadows Elementary School has a bustling outdoor education program. EWB-NOVA helped design and install an irrigation system for the courtyard educational garden with support for student, family, and teacher volunteers. HMES hopes to one day institute a full-size production farm on the property, and EWB-NOVA conducted a site evaluation, including soil quality and stormwater drainage analysis, as well as preliminary designs for the farm. 


Independence Village Residential Drinking Water System Rehabilitation, Charlotte Hall, Maryland: Completed Spring 2020

The Independence Village project was adopted in May 2018. Located in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, this CECorps project was EWB-NOVA’s second domestic project. The community is comprised of 24 homes that operate on their own water well system. Since installing the well in 1973, there have been multiple repairs and the pump has been lowered twice. The community has been maintaining this independent system and has been working with the SERCAP organization for improving the water distribution with CECorps. EWB-NOVA worked with the community to perform preliminary site and regulatory research and conduct a user needs survey. These results allowed us to develop an alternatives analysis for solutions to replacements or repairs for the residential drinking water system. 

Village of El Sauce Residential Drinking Water Supply, Department of Cortez, Honduras: Completed Spring 2022

The people of El Sauce, Honduras lacked access to clean drinking water and the 500 residents are impacted by waterborne diseases with water supply, maintenance, and contamination issues. EWB-NOVA evaluated solutions for providing the community access to clean drinking water and worked with in-country partners, Armor of Hope and Primero Agua, to ultimately drill a 200' well, which has since withstood multiple climatological impacts to the region to continue to provide clean, safe drinking water to the community. EWB-NOVA also worked with village leadership to address public health education and a system of financial support for the storage and distribution system. In fall of 2017, just a few months after our team's second trip to the village to drill the week, due to security concerns, the State department suspended all travel to Honduras, which continued into 2021. EWB-NOVA remained dedicated to the project goals and the community and successfully implemented the final phases of the project remotely.

Cedar Gulch 2 Community Study for Safe Drinking Water, Cedar Gulch, South Dakota: Completed July 2016

EWB-NOVA worked with the Cedar Gulch 2 community in South Dakota to assess potential treatment technologies and conduct a feasibility study for safe drinking water. The Community’s drinking water supply exceeded EPA primary standards for Gross Alpha and Radium. The team conducted an assessment trip in May 2016 and developed alternatives analysis recommendations in July 2016. This project was the first water supply domestic project completed under the EWB-USA Community Engineering Corps (CECorps)!

Read more about this project in this American Water Works Association (AWWA) Journal Article:

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