Eastern Research Group (ERG) 


A contractor to US EPA, has been seeking to hire mid-level engineers lately with little luck. We're hoping to expand our recruiting pool.


We're keenly looking for a Experienced Water-Focused Environmental Engineer, but we have many other open positions, mid-level and entry-level, described on our website.

If you have any interest, please email: tessaroscoe@gmail.com



A private engineering company that provides an architectural approach to digital data distribution for small platforms in the both the government and commercial sectors. 

Positions and Descriptions:


Systems Administrator: Must have hands on experience creating and maintaining IT infrastructure, internet/intranet and business needs for both local and cloud-based platforms. Coding, scripting and stand up of networking equipment may be required. (IT Support)


DevOps Engineer: Must have hands on experience coding and running a DevOps environment. Whoever is chosen for the role must be able to support continuous integration and deployment of applications on Microsoft Azure Cloud, while being able to ensure reliability of hardware and software that is deployed. Hands on coding and actual stand up of networking requirement will be required. 


Other Positions:

  • Sr. Mechanical Engineer

  • Software Engineer (C++ and QT)

  • Software Engineer (Embedded Apps and GUI)

  • Software Engineer (full stack dev.)

  • Software Engineer (GUI using QT/QML/C++)



If you know anyone who might fit the bill or is interested, please let me know or send an email to sgreenfield@synexxus.com


The Northern Virginia Professional Chapter of EWB-USA is a group of professionals dedicated to helping communities around the world achieve a better quality of life through sustainable development and community empowerment. EWB-NOVA was founded in 2014 and includes professionals from the Northern Virginia-Washington DC Metro area.

   Today,  EWB-NOVA attracts over a hundred professionals and students nationwide who are interested in the global cause. Together, we are making significant progress in assisting the people of El Sauce, Honduras, Cedar Gulch, South Dakota and starting our new International Community Project in Dominican Republic.

   EWB-USA partners with developing communities worldwide and continues to improve the lives of people around the world through basic infrastructure projects such as finding solutions to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. EWB-USA includes over 15,900 volunteers who empower communities to meet these basic human needs.

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